"A" Is For Alligator

For this year's report, I am organizing around the kind of creatures observed.

My first significant herp observation upon arriving at the Forest was a young Alligator, about three feet in length, which patiently posed on the bank of a roadside ditch.

Throughout the weekend, we saw many gators. Last year, I saw some very young gators, probably hatched the preceding year. This year we saw some really small, newborn gators. First, we saw a group of about six babies in a wetland pool located within a powerline right-of-way. The mother hovered in a larger, connected pool about a hundred feet away. These little gators showed little more than their heads and, occasionally, tails.

At a public boat landing on Wadboo Swamp, we saw another mother gator and her young. It was here that Hope learned that she can speak to Alligators.

Look carefully at the image to the left and you may see the babies.

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