Fellowship, Fun, and Entertainment

Not all of our time was devoted to earnest wildlife observations and photography. There was plenty of fellowship and shoot'n the breeze. Most of us traveled in our automobiles, but some also brought bikes. Some of us overnighted in motels and others camped out.

This year we added some competitions. A few "rubber" snakes were hidden along cruising roads. Prizes were awarded for finding them. There was also a competition for the best herping hat, best song parody, Miss Hellhole 2007, and more. Prizes were awarded Saturday night.

Of course, there was Jeff's solo concert under a low country moon as the grand finale. This year, Jeff out did himself performing many requested songs.
Here is the official awards list:
OhEddie: Most Patience with Children
Patrick: Excellent Driver Award (Shhh...he didn't really drive, did he?)
Ty: Smallest Herp Award
Win: Most Herps Spotted/caught
Holmes: Largest herp (eastern king snake)
Gene: Best Joke (click here to see)
Hope: Best Song Parody & Showering with a Rock God
Alysen & Misty: Yackety-Yak Award (talking all night in a tent)
Tracey: Potty Training Award (first outdoor experience peeing) and Best tattoo (poet)
Teeps: Lost Fishing Viginity
Ellen: Took Fishing Virginity (consensual and she was gentle)
Steve & Sylvia: Best Comeback
Amanda & Paul: Shortest Distance Traveled
Jackie: Stupid Statement ("Leanne, is that a banana in your pack or are you just happy to see me?)
Leanne: Best Herpin' Hat
Gene: Hiss Congeniality in Miss Hell Hole Pageant
Holmes: Jeff Holmes Excellence in Herpetology Award

Each of the guides kept lists wildlife observed.
To see Win's and my lists, click on the word " Lists".

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