More Wildlife

Many raptors were seen. This Broad-winged Hawk hunted the heavily wooded portions of forest roads. Above the campground, we spied a Mississippi Kite harassing a Swallow-tailed Kite. Win observed a Mississippi Kite capturing large dragonflies that hovered above the roads, sometimes in large swarms.

Not all animals we saw were wild. These free-ranging Guinea Fowl crossed the road near one of the few farms still operating within the larger forest area. Numerous sightings of feral pigs were made. I only caught a glimpse of one as it hurried into the woods. Win and company captured this image of a couple of pigs. Another time, they saw some sows with piglets.

Several sightings of dead Alligators were made at different locations during the weekend. I photographed this corpse that appears to have bullet holes in it.

Dragonflies are always active along the roadsides. The female dragonfly at the left hovered before dipping to deposit an egg in the water. A friendly dragonfly lit on Win's thumb.

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SC Reptiles and Amphibians: Hellhole 2007