Cottonmouth Combat for Mating Rights

By Gene Ott

On Saturday morning (May 22, 2004) Win and I chauffeured a group of attendees on a road cruise in the Hellhole area of Francais Marion National Forest. We we searching the higher ground areas. Because I was driving, my attention was principally upon searching the road for herps. By luck, I happened to glimpse the olive banded pattern of the Cottonmouth in the roadside ditch to my left. The spot where I saw the snake was at a culvert. There were two small pools of water. Receding water levels had concentrated the surviving aquatic life.

I stopped the van and we filed out to see the snake. To our very welcomed surprise we found two large male Cottonmouths engaging in ritual neck-wrestling combat. The snakes paid very little attention to us for 5 to 10 minutes. Then they disengaged and one went away. We presume the departing one was the loser.

Below are some images of this remarkable exhibition that we were honored to witness.

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May 31, 2004
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