Moving back toward the wetlands, we found a Mud Turtle crossing the road. Just about dark we saw a Banded Water Snake crossing Hellhole Road.

The groups gathered at camp about 9 pm and everyone told of what they had seen. Win had made the best find of all, a large Canebrake Rattlesnake. He had bagged the snake so that everyone could see it Saturday in the daylight.

By the way, nighttime was very dark since the date of the outing had been selected to be during new moon.

About 10 pm some of the more hardy in the gathering were preparing to go back out again. I had been on the go since 5 am and was tired. One of the newly wed couples were looking for a ride back to the motel, so we three left the others to continued searching and drove to Moncks Corner.

Tomorrow would be the biggest day.
SC Reptiles and Amphibians: Hellhole 2006