I decided not to continue on Hellhole Road and turned north to higher ground. Further along, a covey of fledgling Bobwhite Quail burst from the roadside. There may have been an adult in the group but all I could discriminate was the fuzzy feathers of fledglings. As the quail flew away, a hen Turkey flapped and clucked in a noisy retreat. A good sign that she had poults nearby. I joked that the quail and turkey were interbreeding. Ethan immediately said they must be "Turkey Whites."

We met a car along the way that exhibited all the signs of being on a
herping cruise. Since I had not met everyone who might be showing up
for the outing, I thought it may be from our gathering. As we pulled
along side, we stopped to talk. It turned out to be a helper from
Greenville, Derek, who was independently down for the weekend.
I invited him to join our camp but he had reservations
at another location.

It would turn out that I would run into Derek a couple of
more times. We would share our observations. Derek was a more active
herper than most in our group. Later, Derek sent me a great picture of a Scarlet Kingsnake that he had found.

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