Pigmy rattlesnake
Sistrurus miliarius

Family: Crotalidae - Pitviper Snakes (dangerously venomous)

Typical Adult Size: 15 to 21 inches

Reproduction: live bearing

Eye Pupil: elliptical

Dorsal Scales: keeled

Anal Scale: single


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The Carolina Pigmy Rattle Snake, Sistrurus m. miliarius, is the predominant subspecies found in South Carolina. Intergrades with a more southern subspecies, Dusky Pigmy Rattlesnake, Sistrurus m. barbouri , can be found in the extreme southern portion of the State. Pigmy Rattle Snakes are sometimes called "Ground Rattlers."

These small snakes are difficult to see in their natural habitat. They are most often noticed when crossing open areas such as roads. The rattles are usually very small and difficult to see. At loudest, their rattle may sound like a buzzing insect.

Additional Images:

Carolina Pigmy Rattle Snake Sistrurus miliarius miliarius Dusky Pigmy Rattle Snake Sistrurus miliarius barbouri
adult, McCormick County adult
adult, McCormick County, DOR  
adult, Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge  
adult, Berkeley County  
pigmy characteristics  
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July 07, 2009
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