I returned to camp, but no one else was there. I decided to
wait for Win and the others to return to camp.
While waiting, I began setting up a l0x14 screen
enclosure that I bought at Wal-Mart for about
$50. Not being a camper, I
had to rely on the ambiguous
instructions that came with
the tent. It was bright and
hot, so I picked out a shaded
area where the
screen and two
tents could be
An hour later I had the
canopy frame assembled. Win returned and helped me add on the roof and sides. Once completed, the screen was very nice and provided an area where 4 to 6 persons could sit and talk comfortably, that is, without insect pests. Until the motor home and camper came, the screen was the envy of the camp.

SC Reptiles and Amphibians: Hellhole 2006 snakesandfrogs.com