I appreciate receiving correspondence from visitors to South Carolina Mammals. Correspondence by email is the preferred means of communication. I do not have the time or resources to reply otherwise.

Many visitors write for help in identifying a herp which they have encountered and I am glad to assist as best I can. I try to answer all letters in a timely manner. Sometimes I will forward the inquiry to someone else whom I think can better answer. To my knowledge no inquiry has gone without a reply. I hope to be able to continue to receive and answer all visitor letters.

The daily number of spam and virus-infected emails which I receive has been steadily increasing. In order to protect my resources, I try to screen and delete all email messages which appear to be advertisements or I suspect are virus-infected. I also delete any attachments which are not clearly identifiable as pictures (such as .jpg, .gif, .bmp).

If you have questions or comments please email me at geneott3@gmail.com

So that I can recognize your email as a "real" inquiry or comment, please include a subject description relevant to the purpose of your email.

Thanks for writing.
Gene Ott

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