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February 2011

Gene's Notes:

February was its typical weather bouncing from cold to warm. We did have some heavy winds which damaged our home roofing. I continued to focus most of my free time photographing birds. The Harris's Sparrow stayed throughout the month. I added the Rusty Blackbird (see below, left) to my list of local species.

Last year, I focused much of my observation time upon birds visiting Elderberry bushes in the river bottom. For this year, I decided to focus upon the environment of the spring pond. The spring pond is surrounded by herbacious plants. Cattails grow along the edges of this small pond. The water in this pond stays cool. I created a shallow pool adjacent to the spring pond and diverted the outflow through this new pool. This new pond should be slightly warmer. Without any fish, I expect the frogs and toads to be attracted. (see below, left)

One week when I was feeling inspired, I constructed an observation platform (see below, right) adjacent to the two ponds. I am intending to observe the development of the new pond as wildlife inhabits it. Besides having a great view of the two ponds, I can also see a small, tree-lined stream, some bottomland pasture, and bordering wooded slopes.

Upland Chorus Frog egg mass in new pond

Spring Observation Platform

April 21, 2011
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