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January 2011

Gene's Notes:

Ocoee Springs on January 10, 2011th

The biggest local event in January was a heavy snowfall (around 5 inches) during the wee hours and morning of the 10th followed by a week of cold temperatures. We did not venture away from the farm for several days. Even then, the secondary roads were covered with packed ice. The birds were having a hard time finding food so I put out all the seed I had. Birds flocked to the feeding stations at the barns and our house. I found an odded colored Junco visiting the feeders. It looks like a Pink-sided Junco, which is one of the western subspecies of Dark-eyed Junco. One birder suggested it might be an intergrade between the eastern and western Dark-eyed Juncos, known as the Cassiar Junco. Savannah Sparrows started coming to the feeders during the snow. Hispid Cotton Rats also appreciated the seed.

American Goldfinch

Savannah Sparrow

Pink-sided Dark-eyed Junco

Hispid Cotton Rat

The Harris's Sparrow stayed around throughout the month. About a half dozen birders dropped by to see it.

Purple Finches have visited the feeders ocassionally. Many Mourning Doves also visit the feeders. There has been some Dove predation, probably from one of several hawk species which hunt the fields. I was able to make some good images of the Hermit Thrush during the month.

We do not have many Blackbirds visit the farm. However, a few Red-winged Blackbirds have dropped in.

Temperatures warmed to seasonal values during the latter part of January. However, I did not hear any frogs singing.

Purple Finch

Hermit Thrush

February 19, 2011
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