SC Reptiles and Amphibians


September 2010

Gene's Notes:

In early September my wife and I spent several days visiting with a cousin at her beach house at Garden City Beach. It was a wonderful vacation. I spent much of my time photographing coastal birds. On the causeway at Huntington Beach State Park, I was fortunate see a Mink. I was able to get a decent photo of the Mink as it moved along the water's edge.

During the beach stay, I snapped hundreds of images of herons, egrets, ibis, gulls, cormorants, and shore birds. On the marsh boardwalk at Huntington Beach State Park, a juvenile Rail was especially cooperative with photographing.

Back home, I photographed many plants and arthropods. I think one of the most beautiful butterflies is the Long-tailed Skipper. One of the weirdest creatures is the Ambush Bug.

On September 25th, I attended a SCAN fieldtrip to S.C. Native Plant Society's Lisa Matthews Memorial Bay in Bamberg County. This area is expecially noted for its population of Canby’s Dropwort.

Mink at causeway

Juvenile Rail

Jagged Ambush Bug

Long-tail Skipper Butterfly

December 14, 2010
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