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July 2010

Gene's Notes:

I devoted most of my free time during July to photographing wildlife around my home in Laurens County. I am working on a new book of photographs and information about the wildlife found in the Piedmont of South Carolina. It is my impression that most of the people living in the Piedmont and other regions of South Carolina do not know of the great variety of flora and fauna that can be found all about them. We travel to the mountains and coast to see wildlife, never recognizing that the Piedmont offers equal beauty and variety.

My wife and I picked Blackberries in the riverbottom and made a cobbler on July 4th. The following weekend, our three grandchildren stayed with us. Win took the three of them swimming in the river. It was a grand summer activity. Wild Turkeys visited our yard most every day (below).

Wild Turkeys in the yard

The whine of Cicadas (below, left) filled the daytime. Newborn Anole Lizards (below, right) can be seen on the large, green plants lining the field edges.

Singing Cicada

Newborn Anole

Bullfrogs strummed their songs (below). I found an Oppossum with babies in her pouch (right).

Opossum with babes in pouch

August 11, 2010
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