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April 2010

Gene's Notes:

April has been a very busy month. During the month, the climate changed from Spring to Summer.

April 1st, while walking about the farm, I found an adult Eastern Box Turtle (right) which had expired while crossing a small stream. That evening I made a presentation on nature photography at the Laurens County Library.

April 2nd, I shot some good images of a male Wood Duck in the farm river bottoms. It was a beautiful, warm day. Win took Wolf fishing in the river (below).

April 3rd, I shot some good images of Swamp Sparrows in the farm river bottoms. A friend bagged a Tom Wild Turkey hunting in the farm woodlands.

April 6th, I shot some more images of Swamp Sparrows in the farm river bottoms. I also found an Eastern Box Turtle roaming the bottoms. In the afternoon, Win brought me a male Gulf-coast Spiny Softshell Turtle he had caught in McCormick County.

Expired Box Turtle

Fishing at the river

April 7th, in the morning at a cemetery, I shot some good images of a Purple Finch.

April 8th, in the morning at the river bottoms, photographed more birds, including a male Eastern Towhee. I also saw a large River Cooter. Win caught a juvenile Redbelly Water Snake in McCormick County.

April 10th, in the morning I visited the NinetySix Historical Site in Greenwood County. I saw some interesting birds but could not capture good images.

Win went ocean fishing with friends out of Charleston on April 11th. The fishing trip had to be shortened due to boat problems, but this did not prevent having a good time. Win brought home some good images of American Oyster Catchers, Black Skimmers, Loggerhead Sea Turtle, and Bottlnose Dolphins (below).

April 15th, in the morning I visited Greenwood State Recreational Area. I was able to get some good images of Redheaded Woodpeckers. I also saw a couple of Northern Water Snakes basking on the riprap.

April 16th, I discussed nature photography at Arts Day at Hickory Tavern Elementary School. That afternoon, Win and Wolf found an Eastern Worm Snake under a coverboard at the farm.

April 20th, I captured some interesting images of Gray Squirrels at the Little River Park in Laurens.

April 22th, Win found a beautiful Mole King Snake on the road about 3 miles from the farm.

April 23rd, Win found a Six-lined Racerunner Lizard in a fall trap on the farm.

April 24thMarch, I hosted a fieldtrip of SCAN to the farm. We had not had any significant rain all month until this day. A steady rain greeted me when I awoke. Fortunately, the rain stopped shortly before the members arrived. We had several hours to explore before the rain returned. The rain reduced the number of herps that I expected the group to see; however, the rain invigorated the Box Turtles. I think a total of six were encountered. I am eagerly awaiting the list of species found.

Bottlenose Dolphin

Hispid Cotton Rat

On the morning of April 25th, took my youngest grandson, Wolf, cruising roads within 5 miles of the farm. We found a beautiful Corn Snake, approximately 3 feet long. This is the first live local specimen I have found since getting my first digital camera. I have been wanting to find one in order to upgrade my images. We also found an Eastern Mud Turtle and Eastern Box Turtle. Win caught a very juvenile Yellowbelly Slider Turtle at the farm pond. Later, Win and Wolf found 4 Eastern Worm Snakes under boards and a Red-spotted Newt.

On April 26th, I caught a Hispid Cotton Rat (left) in a trap on the farm. I took some images and released it. Also, I snapped an image of a Carolina Wren on her nest in a farm shed.

On April 27th, I went to a couple of bridges over portions of Lake Greenwood and photographed Cliff Swallows building their nests.

On April 30th, Win reported that a predator had broken into the chicken pen and killed another hen. This was the thid loss in about a week. After the first loss, I reinforced the wiring making the cage. The second loss appeared to not be the result of predation. I found a hole dug under the wire this time. I have set a trap to see what beast is preying on our hens.

May 5, 2010
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