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November/December 2008

Gene's Notes:

November began with gorgeous fall leaf colors. Later, some freezing days and blessed rain, dampened the colors and denuded the trees. The rains continued into December. Temperatures shifted with alternating warm and cold spells. Heavy rains in mid December resulted in flooding in the river bottoms and raised the water level in the farm pond about 6 inches. With the long drought we have been experiencing, every rainfall is appreciated.

I was able to make very few attempts at wildlife observations. A few weeks of medical problems combined with the holidays and three family birthdays left me little time or energy to get outdoors.

On December 18th, Win found an adult Redbelly Watersnake under the canoe at the farm pond side. This was our final local snake sighting of the year. Green Anoles continued to bask on warm, sunny days. I heard a lone Upland Chorus Frog calling on a warm day in late December.

With continued rainfall, we are looking forward to finding some local salamanders this winter/spring.

We are also hoping to make a couple of spring herping trips in 2009.

January 08, 2009
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