SC Reptiles and Amphibians


October 2008

Gene's Notes:

October has been another dry month. During the month I observed very little herp activity. This year's lizard hatchlings have increased size by about four-fold. Our deciduous trees have turned beautiful colors. The month ended with freezing morning temperatures. Locally, we had a series of three days with minimum temperatures of 27, 26, and 28 F. The Kudzu has turned brown.

Early in October I noticed many Tiger Beetles hunting on one of our farm roads. I took some images. My friend Joey Holmes, a Tiger Beetle expert, identified them as Cicindela tranquebarica (right).

Before cold weather entrenched itself, I tried to find some herp activity by cruising local roads. On October 14th I spent the day searching in Greenwood and McCormick Counties. In the morning I did find two adult female Box Turtles on the road. I may have seen one DOR snake. Very disappointing.

Win did a great performance of W. C. Fields at the Abbeville Opera House during its 100th anniversary celebration (below). At the end of October, he caught a break in his normal work duties of surveying fishermen and helped stock trout in the high country (left).

November 02, 2008
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