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February 2007

Gene's Notes:

February began with an ice storm. Schools and many businesses closed. Of course, it does not take a lot of icy or snowy weather to close things in South Carolina. February was generally cooler than usual. We did not get any more icy weather. We were fortunate to miss the severe winter weather that devasted more northern states. The last few days of the month saw warm, spring-like days. Unfortunately, I was so busy at work that I was not able to get outside to enjoy these wonderful days. March roared in like the proverbal lion. But I am getting ahead of myself. Back to February.

During the ice storm, I observed several bird species at my home feeders, including the Cardinal, the American Goldfinch, the Chipping Sparrow, the Dark-eyed Junco, the Song Sparrow, and the Brown Thrasher. The next day was still crisp. At work, a hundred or more American Robins were scurrying about. Much of the day, I heard the sounds of their bumping into the windows. Fortunately, I did not observe any fatalities. During lunch time, I watched the Robins devour all the berries from a row of hollies.

About mid-month, a co-worker alerted me to a male Cooper's Hawk eating a Chipmunk in a tree about 60 feet from an office window.

During the latter part of the month, Win brought me a Spring Peeper to photograph. He also made photos of a newly transformed Slimy Salamander, and a Southern Two-lined Salamander.

Gene Ott


March 03, 2007
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