SC Reptile and Amphibians


August 2006

Gene's Notes:

August has passed by without many wildlife observations. My biggest time consumer this month, other than work, was plowing, preparing and seeding my lawn. Our lawn was native and pasture grasses. There were ruts left in the lawn from large trucks during construction. I prepared a little more than an acre. It was a lot of work, but with Win's help I finished it and green grass is now growing.

Win brought me a beautiful adult Barking Treefrog for photographing.

My best observation during the month was of Loggerhead Shrikes. These birds are not as locally plentiful as they used to be. I was able to get some good images of a fledgling loggerhead.

I did not see any live snakes on the roads while commuting and very few DORs. The last day of the month, following a light rain earlier in the day, I decided to cruise locally to see if I could find some Green and Gray Treefrogs. I want to improve my images of these frogs. I found a Leopard Frog, but not the treefrogs. I also found an AOR Worm Snake and an AOR young Copperhead.

Gene Ott


September 09, 2006
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