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December 2003

Gene's notes

The only herps I saw this month in the wild were occasional Green Anoles basking on the patio on sunny days. We have had fairly warm days and many cold nights, a handful in the mid to low teens (F).

December is a time of many celebrations in my family. In addition to Christmas, office parties, and family dinners, my wife, daughter, and granddaughter each had birthdays during the latter part of the month.

2004 is promising to be a very busy year for me. I am looking forward to attending the First Annual All SC Herpetology Conference in Columbia at the end of January and the Southeast PARC meeting at Ridgeland at the end of Februrary. Also, my wife and I plan to be in our new home on the farm by mid-Spring!

Gene Ott


Joey's notes

Week ending 12-07-03

The weather controls us!

Monday (12-1-03), A beautiful day, it was 65 degrees (F) and sunny.

Tuesday (12-2-03), Cooler, 55 degrees.

Wednesday (12-3-03), Getting worse, 45 degrees.

Thursday (12-4-03), There was a glaze of ice on the truck this morning. It warmed up to a balmy 35 degrees and rained.

Friday (12-5-03), It was wet out, but warmer. The high was 42 degrees. We collected some Green Anoles under rocks at work.

Saturday (12-6-03), Getting better, it reached 49 degrees and was sunny.

Sunday (12-7-03), The high was 53 degrees. It was sunny and beautiful. I checked some cow pies at the river, and found some small Scarabs. No Spotted Salamanders could be found, but I only checked a couple of logs.

Week ending 12-14-03

Not much to talk about this week. We have had some warm days, but the nights are rather cold.

Tuesday (12-9-03), The daily high got up to about 60 degrees F. I enjoyed wearing shorts to work, likely for the last time in 2003. After lunch, I visited some leaf piles at the forest edge and found a dozen lizards, catching some rays. There were 11 Green Anoles and a Ground Skink. Neat.

Thursday (12-12-03), I visited the lizards, but only found 9 Green Anoles.

Getting ready for Christmas, not much else.

Week ending 12-21-03

Happy Holidays to Everyone,

Not much to mention this week. Green Anoles have been out but are few and far between. I have not been to the pasture to look for Salamanders, but I am sure they are under the logs. Saw a DOR Coyote on I-26 near Clinton, SC. Not much else.

We did have the Winter Solstice this week! A turning point, to be sure. The days are now getting longer and soon South Carolina will begin to warm up. For now, Tiger Beetles and Herptiles patiently wait underground, while Dragonflies go about business under the water.

Today (12-22-03), I braved 3 different Shopping Malls and numerous other stores, but I think the sleigh is just about fully loaded!


Week ending 12-28-03

Seasons Greetings to Everyone!

I was off work this week, so I did not get a chance to look for the Green Anoles that bask near where I park. I think they had some nice days to catch some UV rays. I have also been staying out of the River Pasture, as the deer hunters still have hunting season. Safety first!

Monday (12-22-03), I did three major shopping malls. Got a lot done.

Wednesday (12-24-03), Christmas Eve. Supper at Motherís house.

Thursday (12-25-03), Merry Christmas! After morning presents here (I was happy to get the new Tiger Beetle book by Paul Choate. Great book), we did the meal/presents at my in-laws.

Friday (12-26-03), Took a morning walk around the pond. No neat bugs or herps but I did see broken ice and a wet Beaver trail/slide. Later, brother Jeff and his wife arrive from Tenn. Another meal with my Mother/family.

It was nice to see family, gathered round the table and tree. I hope you and your friends and loved ones had a healthy and very Merry Christmas and will have a safe and prosperous..............


Joey Holmes

January 03, 2004
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