Removing Carbon from the Atmosphere through Charcoal

A project that I never thought I would be doing at this time in my life is urging scientists
and leaders to consider production of charcoal from forests and burying it to remove carbon
from the atmosphere.

I expect the reaction of most persons upon hearing this proposal is an automatic rejection.
Why would we want to cut down our forests and bury charcoal! My expectation seems to be confirmed
since I have received essentially no response to the many letters and messages that I have sent to
people that claim to be seeking to solve the problem of excessive carbon in the atmosphere. Apparently,
the idea is not worthy of even a civil “thanks, but no thanks response.”

The reason that I did not expect to be pursuing this project is that I consider the idea to be so
obviously beneficial and implementable. When I left my career in environmental protection, I was
confident that idea would be thoroughly evaluated. Last year, I began searching the literature of
proposed solutions to “global warming” to see where charcoal production stood. I was appalled to be
unable to find even a mention of such an idea!
UPDATE 20190622
I attended a Carbon Market Workshop held at Clemson University on May 23, 2019. This workshop focused upon the
California Air Resources Board's program for carbon offsets from forest growth. I made some contacts at
the meeting; however, none have been fruitful thus far in respect to getting serious consideration of charcoal for CO2
sequestration. A summary of a letter that I sent to these contacts can be seen by clicking on the active link.

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