This book is packed with the history of Laurens County 1840-1900.
This will not be found between two covers…anywhere. It is a
unique, detailed history. 490 pages! Histories of towns and
villages, elected officials, censuses, railroad development.
Histories of Newspapers, Churches, Schools, Physicians. Newspaper
excerpts. Civil War History, Laurens soldiers, letters, local
“heroes”, Jefferson Davis trip. Aftermath of the war. A huge
chapter on African-American history of the era.

Includes life during slavery, after emancipation, church
establishment, and lists prominent ex-slave leaders and
contributions after 1865 and Laurens landmarks. This book is
also loaded with information on Reconstruction, the election of
1876, governors after that, a Who’s Who of important county
individuals and a chapter on the economic developments of this
period. There are numerous photos and maps. The appendix contains
histories and photos of old homes, lists of Laurens Civil War
soldiers, old maps of Laurens and Clinton downtown, Convenient INDEX.
This book is also a family research source, with many dates and descendants.

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